Pigment Powder

We are the leading Supplier & Exporter of the premium quality Dyes and Pigment Powders (Manhue). Manhue segment includes Dyes, pigment Powders (Organic and Inorganic). Products we offer are thoroughly tested and are environmental friendly and nontoxic.

Pigment Powder is coloured powder that is used to produce a full range of colours. It is an inert colorant which has no binding power. Using this powder, we produce all types of pigment preparations for Paints, Textile, Inks, Soaps & Detergent, Rubber, Paper, BOPP Tapes and much more. Further, these pigment powders can also be mixed with colour concrete, plaster, plastic resins, wood putties and epoxy and can also be used for applications such as tinting wood fillers, wood finishing, shading pore filler pastes, colored waxes or for touch-up on furniture.

Pigment Dispersions

Pigment Preparations manufactured by Mandar Organics includes Pigment Fine Pastes, Pigment Dispersion, Pigment emulsion and more. These are Aqueous (Water Based) preparations which can be used for manufacturing;

Paint (Mantint Series of Pigment Fine Pastes, Mantint Neo Series of Fluorescent Pigment Fine Pastes),

Textile (Mantext Series of Pigment Emulsion, Mantext Neo Series of Fluorescent Pigment Emulsion),

Ink (Manprint Series of Pigment Dispersion),

Soap and Detergent (Mandet Series of Pigment Dispersion),

Dope Dyeing-Viscose (Mancose Series of Colourant),

Rubber (Manber Series of Pigment Dispersion),

Paper(Manper Series of Colourant),

BOPP Tape (Manopp Series of Pigment Dispersion),

Artistic color (Manart Series of Pigment Dispersion,

Manart Neo Series of Fluorescent Pigment Dispersion),

Seed Coloration(Managro Series of Pigment Dispersion),

Floor Coating (ManFCoat Series of Pigment Dispersion),

Wood coating (ManWCoat Series of Pigment Dispersion,

ManWCoat Clear Series of Transparent oxides Pigment Dispersion),

PU Foams (Manoms Series of Pigment Dispersion),

Fiber Glass (Manlass Series of Pigment Dispersion)

Water Based Pigment Preparations are high dispersed system which also includes pigment auxiliaries and additives, which are fine-tuned based on end application and specific product requirements. Pigment Preparation manufactured by us possess excellent strength, tone, dispersibility, fluidity, viscosity, specific gravity, fastness to light and weather and other product specific properties. Our products can be mixed easily in any proportion to yield a variety of shades which imparts esthetic value to the end product. The dispersions are protected against microbial spoilage by incorporating special world class proven additive systems to enable longer shelf-life of the products themselves and the end products too. Our Fluorescent Pigment Preparations are free of formaldehyde, heavy metals, APEO and the 24 banned aromatic amines. This dispersion is widely used in textile, garment dyeing, pad dyeing, paper, leather etc. Documents of aforesaid products like MSDS, TDS, COA are available on request.